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Frequently Asked Question

Is DeProfundis Online ?
No, DeProfundis is an offline solo game. If enough players grow the improvement fund by buying the
premium package, the Unity Engine will allow us to make it online.

Why do DeProfundis needs internet access permission ?
Full internet access is needed for account connection when running the game for the first time and to show the ads from Google. This system allows people who can't/don't want to pay for the game to participate in its improvements.

I hate IAP, your game have some !
A good IAP is a dead IAP, we are ok about this. DeProfundis contains 2 IAPs :
1. The premium package, which remove ads, give access to gold stuff (elite) drops and open the hardcore play mode (roguelike instant death). This IAP allows people to play a full and coherent game as if they've bought it.
2. The gold/item packages which are not required to play the game. They are only here for people WILLING to buy them. Equilibrating the game to avoid those purchases is a constant work but dont forget : the basis of a good hack'n slash includes some grinding to get money and stuff, so do not hesitate to go and visite the previous levels again, they are full of monsters and item!
Do not forget : if you die, you'll lose 10% of your gold! So, try to buy some things you won't lost and don't use IAP in the wild. If you REALLY need a purchase to buy a merchant stuff or some scrolls then do take care as life is short in DeProfundis.

Why do i should create an account ?
Because people wants to see your characters! The leaderboard will allow bests players in each play mode (normal, medium, hard) to compete for the first place.
And if you change device or reset your phone or tablet, you'll be able to get your character and all his stuff back. Worth it, right ?

Why making a clone ? There are so many hack'n slash around...
I am still in love with the first diablo. The long hours spent in the dungeon, gathering stuff and killing pixels. Indeed, no android game has even come close to giving me the same feeling, and I wanted to bring this old school feeling to my tablet. This being said, I do my best to make this game as original and unique as possible. So if success occure, expect frequent updates!

I am stuck in the game, when i enter my last dungeon, too many mobs come and kill me! What shall i do?
You should try entering by a shortcut (castle, obelisk or tower) at a lower level than your last level again and kills things to gain XP, stats and armor. After one hour or two, you'll be able to beat your last level easily.

Why do I lost 5 to 15% gold upon death ?
If dying costs nothing, the game barely worth playing. All you'd do is run into mobs, launch spells, die, rinse & repeat. Having a gold cost gives me a sense of caring, and the constant risk makes me wat to play even better. Dont you agree ?

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