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Deprofundis: Requiem, now on Windows Phone and Windows Store for Surface RT!

DeProfundis is now ported on all the existing mobile device but Blackberry.  The Amazon version is now compatible with Dolby technology!

Thank you to the great people at Dolby and Microsoft for the help they provided! Giant industry use cool people :)

Actually Deprofundis and Requiem are not available on Amazon Phone. I am unable to test if it work and if Dolby technology is supported...


New version,  Optimization and bug fixes!

I know i did not updated for some times... but many other projects are running on here and i did not wanted to make you download 300mb for nothing. You can find the Thecle news on facebook :

The last update introduce :
- Removing of spells instantiation, instead i use a pooling system
- Bug fix of the boss encounter and camera glitches
- Many small bug fixes and improvements
- Adding the Dolby technology on supported devices

I recently had many ask about translations. Once i'll get time, i'll look how to get a community translation for Italian and Chinese. Be patient ;)

New update, web interaction, and much more !

The last DeProfundis update seem to have surprisingly enjoyed lots of people ! Lots of stuff in it, 2 more characters, 3 arenas and their boss, item enchantment, the long awaited new camera modes (far and close) and tons of little thingy to make the game even better.

I am giving the last hand to some statistics and armory pages on the webiste. I still have to work on stuff displayed (gender and numbers) and some fixes, but here's an example of what it will looks like :

Also, you can check the game stats here, i would really like to meet the person who killed 6 393 monsters !!!

Last but not least, i had to close the board. More than 85 spambot each day, even with the account verification and such is not usefull at all. Especially considering people use the contact form or support mail. That was more of a frustration for regular people trying to register than a good thing.

The game is live on the google play store.

De Profundis is the craziest indie developed hack'n slash Android game adventure.
With the best features of classic hack and slash games like Diablo or DarkStone, Deprofundis is not simply a clone of these games. Instead, it aims to provide a new experience on Android system. Provided "as is" the game will evolve and change in time, becoming better with each version by adding new features.

The DeProfundis website will feature :
- Live Sync character to allow you to change your device and bring your game everywhere.
- Live Updated Leaderboard based on the difficulties modes
- Hardcore Mode leaderboard (instant death character)

DeProfundis is free to play and ad supported. A premium package (single buyer) will provide features such as :
- Remove ads
- Unlock gold equipment (elite stuff)
- Unlock Hardcore play mode (instant death)

This premium package will of course be activated on ALL the devices on which you play by logging in your DeProfundis account!

Official facebook page

Get it free on the play store !

Beta 3 started, launch date fixed - 2013/02/24

The beta 3 have been published for beta testers. We are closer than ever of the final release. Some balance to fix but the improvement made while the beta 2 are really awesome ! Minimap, quest log, double tap to transfert and sell items, bug fixing and ideas, i can really say i was very lucky to have such engaged beta tester who put their mark in the game.

The game will be gold on march 2013 the 7th. Free and ad supported as expected with an IAP to get the premium package and get gold loot and remove the ads.

I want, again, to heartly thank the beta testers by offering them a complete version of the game. Their words on some board about "we got a real diablo like on android now" was really sweet to read.
Some news of the beta version - 2013/02/19

Even if the board is not living so much, the beta tester lair, a hidden dark and muddy place, is going well !

The beta tester got me a great feedback and they liked the game very much. Their rolling ideas have been taken, classified and some have already been implemented in the game.

Minimap, quest log, simplified tutorial, damages colors are a few of the good idea who will be present at the release because of them.

The amazing low number of bugs consecutive of a very high debugging session before the beta could possibly lead to a sooner than expected release of the game. I wont release too fast, but expect it sooner than the first date transmitted !
The path of the Warrior - 2013/02/11

Some may think the two magical paths are those who rule the world.

They are wrong.

The melee skill line is a very versatile and deadly line which is the only one who can use his own skill to balance his mana, life, but can also control an ennemi.

The power of the weapons, combined to the strength of the warrior and his dexterity allow him to hit faster than light, run rapidly out of the melee and combining the different effects makes him able to chain the monsters.

Since the Void magic is a far distance control sniper and Elemental magic a "knee deep in the blood" melee aoe magic ravager, the Melee's skilltree gameplay is nervous and require a great tactical mastering to change the skills and keep up above the monster mob !
Moar Screenshots :) - 2013/02/04

For those who enjoy the screenshots, i posted 8 new screen from the Beta 2 in the media page.
I hope you'll enjoy them !
- Thecle
Quirt, the Blackmarketer - 2013/01/31

Any resemblance to another character would be COMPLETELY fortuitous ;) Even if peg-legged.

Quirt is a young orphan boy trying to live by himself by selling black market things.

Usually, as captain of the guard of Quelarm, you'd not tolerate such black market in town. But, in this crysis time, you cant really do anything but letting him trying to get enough to leave... and live.

Developper note :

Quirt's character sell the In App Purchase goods. The only one who help in the game will be the premium package to "thank" the developper and help him improve and get expansion to the game, remove ad banner, allow gold item drop from monster or buying them from merchant. The other In App Purchase may NOT be needed to finish the game in the 3 difficulty modes.
A particular attention will be paid to this fact. I want the game to be challenging, hard, but not requiring inapp purchase in addition to the premium package to get fun ! (but by the way, i want the game to be harder than usual casual games).
Wallpapers! - 2013/01/29

Even if not much people click on "like" or register the board, i receive contacts and other board feedback about the interest on DeProfundis.

To thankfully the people who awaits DeProfundis and for those who discover it, please find the three first wallpapers in the media section.
- Thecle
Seremonia the Mage - 2013/01/27

Seremonia is a wandering mage trapped by the recent changes in the Quelram environment. Able to detect magical sources and gates.

She will be your best magic provider, even if you can of course find some rare scrolls in the caves, on the ennemi corpses. But be warned, you can only use 2 spell scrolls per level, or to learn a new spell, or to increase a spell level. The power of magic have a price, and the price is not only in gold, but also in the increasing of you power at each level.

Mythic item ! Orly !? - 2013/01/25

For the most lucky and motivated adventures, the mythic loot are the most awesome part of stuff you'll find in the deeper part, on the wildest beast..

Search again and again for this rare piece of equipment and wear it to defeat your foes !!

The old Cemetary - 2013/01/25

At the northern bordure of the village, lie the Old Cemetary. Surprisingly, this place have not been invaded by the monster swarm coming from the Lefaric's Castle in the recent massacres.

The rare survivors say this is a Seremonia's fact. The your arcane adept puts her wares and bags near the cemetary and keep it under a constant magical pressure. If you ask her about this, you'll rapidely understand her magical aptitude gave her clues about a mysterious passageway between the obelisk and a deep underground place.

Ramonia the Healer - 2013/01/24

Before the event and the mass village murder, Ramonia was a humble healer using some medicinal plants to cure people's wounds.

When first monsters ventured outside the castle and started their dark duty, killing everyone, shed opened her old medecine books to find how to heal and help people much better.

Now, she is able to create heal potions, mana potions and some other who can teleport things and people, as well memory potion to forget what you learn. But this potions consume some precious gems to be done, and the more powerfull you are, the more gems are needed to make the desired effect.

Underneath Catacombs - 2013/01/22

Year's ago, deep below the Lefaric's Castle chambers, scientists discovered strange passageways leading deeper underground. Of course some exploration missions where held to explore and understand this mysterious and undiscovered place.

None went back but one man. Before dying he talked about old forgotten technology, moving stone golems, enormous monsters looking like a spider and a scorpion and... some other things he could not describe.

All he said about is they'r are a green deadly swarm who attacked the expedition with an overwhelming power and eating the human flesh on "not already dead" comrades. He managed to flee when, in the deepest part of the catacombs, he heard a beast coming. This beast making the green attacker flee to save their own life !

As incredible as this story look, the catacombs where sealed and purified with magic spells from the best enchanters to contain the unanderstood things inside and long forgotten... since now...

The Elementalist's Path - 2013/01/21

When learning magic, most people looks at the destruction power of the spells and choose the void mage.

If it is right the void mage is a true "one shot" impact DCA stuff, his drawbacks are the single target only spells and a great mana consuption.

Instead, the Elementalist is focused on making lower damages, but more time, on more monster, with slowing, stunning, burning and poisonning drawback.

After all, you could probably fall in love of the chaos nova or the spark's exploding fireball, but sticking a single ennemy with the stunning effect of a thunder strike can be a very amazing moment also !

Lefaric's Castle - 2013/01/19

In the past, Lefaric's castle was called "The Beauty of Quelram". Now this building composed of the finest northern engraved blue stones is populated with undeads, winged monsters and toad evil clans who roam its rooms and tunnels awaiting to be strong enough to get out the castle and avenge from the guard who contained them within until now.

Of course, you must find where the King Lefaric is to try to save your Realm, what's involved in saving him remains a mistery.

You - 2013/01/17

Captain of the guard of your realm: Quelram, you were in a diplomatic mission in a neighborhood friendly town. Following alarming news from your capital hurry you to get back to your duties and your king, the good Lefaric.

Lost in the mists, you finally reach your realm's castle to find the village ravaged by fire. A few survivors are trapped between a magic wall and rotting dead body are everywhere, some hanging at the Castle's door.

However skilled a fighter you are, nothing can prepare you for the horror you'll encounter within. It's now up to you to fight your way through and uncover the reason for this evil massacre.

Malechior the Blacksmith - 2013/01/15

For you, Malechior is more than a weapon smith. A wise man, he is usually consulted by the King when major decisions have to be made in the capital.

Surprisingly, this old man was able to stop producing his horseshoes to start making fine weapons and armor just in time to stop the invasion from the undeads. Today, all defensors are dead but if the evil presence is still here, the undead swarm stay confined in the deeper portions of the dungeon.

Malechior will help you with his bestselling products. When you ask this old man why dont he simply give you all that stuff you use to save his life, town and realm, he answer you, with a malicious light in the eye : "Because it worth it m'lady, because it worth it."

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